7 Insider Tricks to Getting a Better Job

Insider Job Tips from a Certified HR Professional

Our HR Director Rebecca Ehsan, PHR, SHRM-CP is a Human Resources insider with a load of practical knowledge on how to assess an employer and the questions you should ask before talking a job.  Each week, Rebecca's team interviews dozens of candidates for one of Harlan Foods open AFP (Apprentice Food Professional) classes.

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Harlan Class of New Hires learning a job

A recent class of Harlan Foods Apprentices going through job shadowing

New hires go through on-boarding, mentorship and training as a group, or a class.  This way, new employees have a group of peers to better support them.

There are a lot of jobs open but like employers they are all not created equal. What looks good on the surface might not be what you thought 6 months later. Don't waste your important time in the wrong job!

Take a look at this helpful video and learn from the insights Rebecca shares!

Let's break down Rebecca's advice here:

Career Advancement Tip #1

Look for an organization that is growing.  Ask this question of your prospective employer.  This helps to better understand what opportunities for personal growth and upward mobility exist with that company.


In the past 3 years, Harlan Foods has nearly doubled its size.


Career Advancement Tip #2

Look for job stability.  Steer clear of firms where the majority of the open positions are tied to seasonal fluctuations or temporary positions.  Look for firms that are classified as 'Essential Employers'.


None of Harlan Foods positions are seasonal or temporary.  Harlan Foods is an Essential Employer.

Career Advancement Tip #3

Look for employers with an active mentorship program.  Ask for details about the program.


Less than 1/3 of employers have a mentorship program.  87% of employees who participate in mentorship programs have higher job satisfaction and receive higher pay.


Career Advancement Tip #4

Look for employers who can demonstrate they reward employees who proactively step up, perform and lead.


Harlan Mentors are volunteers who go through advanced training and are well compensated for their mentee's success.   Harlan Foods has several similar programs that reward employees beyond base pay.


Career Advancement Tip #5

Look for organizations that have a learning driven, team oriented culture.


Harlan Foods has a wide variety of training and educations programs designed to engage employees and provide the tools and knowledge required for greater job satisfaction and upward mobility.  This includes Harlan's SAFE program (Standards Based, Accountability Driven, Food Excellence) and Harlan Food Manufacturing Professional Certifications.


Career Advancement Tip #6

Make sure the employer isn't just using the word 'career' to attract your attention.  There is a big difference between a career and a job.  Career means a consistent path of employment in an area of specialty or consistent employment with a single employer who affords you growth and advancement opportunities.


Over 20% of Harlan employees have been with the company for a decade or more.  Most team leads and supervisors have risen to their management posts from entry level jobs.  Harlan Foods promotes from within.


Career Advancement Tip #7

Invest in yourself.


Harlan Foods career paths are documented.  We promote from within.