Harlan Mentor Resource Center

Harlan Mentorship Program Overview

Harlan has created a video overview of this program which covers:

  • What is the mentor program
  • How it works
  • What is in it for me as a mentor
  • Why is participation beneficial to everyone in the company

Weekly AFP Videos

Harlan has created a short video series to help you and your mentees through the mentorship program.  Each of these videos corresponds to a chapter in the AFP Study Guide.  When you feel you need some assistance in helping Mentees master information they will be tested on, take a look at the video for some ideas and remind your mentees to view this information as well.  Mentees have access to this video series through their Mentee Resource Center.

Week One:  Getting Started


Mentorship E-Book Study Guide

You can also download the program e-book here.  This e-book is your study guide to help you and your Mentee achieve success through this program.

You can keep the E-Book on your phone in order to easily access it whenever you need.

The e-book is broken into chapters which are organized into weekly time periods and what information your mentee should be learning during that time period.  At the end of each chapter is a quiz.

Each week, the mentee should be able to complete the short quiz successfully found at the end of each chapter of the study guide.

Mentor Program Study Materials

Access your online Mentor AFP Study Guide eBook here

In addition to mastering the AFP content, you will also be tested on activities that are critical to mentorship success.

Access your online Mentor Program Study Guide eBook here

Mentor Program Questions and Answers

Harlan has put together a list of the questions about the program that will help you get started.

Download your Mentor FAQ guide

Mentor Program Code of Conduct

Finally, by participating in the Harlan Foods Mentorship program, you agree to abide by the Mentor Code of Conduct.

Click here to download and review this code.

Mentee Performance Reporting

Please bookmark this page so that you can complete the Mentee Performance Report online.

The below performance report is to be completed each week by you in order to document your Mentee's progress during their 90 days in the Mentorship Program.

Important Notice

If you do not complete each week's performance survey, you will not be eligible for the Mentor Performance Bonus, so be sure to complete this important survey each week!

Weekly Mentee Performance Assessment

This performance assessment is to be completed by the Mentor each week to track their Mentee's performance in the Harlan Mentorship Program
1. My mentee was present for our scheduled meet up this week(Required)
2. My mentee demonstrated a basic understanding and application of the job knowledge provided in training this past week.(Required)
3. My mentee received and applied my advice in problem solving or doing his or her job.(Required)
4. My mentee listened and communicated with me during our meet up.(Required)
5. My mentee appears to be engaging well with his or her co-workers.(Required)
6. My mentee abided by all the Harlan Foods rules, guidelines, policies, and standards during this past week.(Required)
7. My mentee has demonstrated a positive attitude to me during this past week.(Required)
8. My mentee demonstrated a desire to improve during this past week.(Required)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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