Helping to guarantee the success of every new employee is what we do here at Harlan

New jobs can be hard.  When you take a new job, it is often because you are looking to improve.  More money, better opportunities, better benefits.  Maybe you are looking to get promoted and move up faster.  There are lots of reasons to take a new job.

But do you know the number one reason people leave new jobs in the first month?

It is because they don't feel welcome. That is why 4 out of 5 new employees leave.  They don't feel welcome, they feel excluded, they don't feel safe and they feel alone and frustrated.

This is usually because the culture of the organization doesn't value how employees feel and what is important to them.

That is not the case at Harlan.  Not only do we value our employees, we work hard as a team to ensure that our new employees thrive and succeed right out of the gate.


Our Harlan Food Manufacturing Professionals all receive specialized certifications under our S.A.F.E. program, which stands for Standards Based, Accountability Driven, Food Excellence.

These employees aren't just incentivized to work with new employees.  They WANT to!  Team members work together to support new employees, helping them over their first 90 days learn their job, make friends and learn what they need to know in order to pass their S.A.F.E. AFP certification.

When new employees achieve their AFP, their graduation is a small celebration for everyone.  The employee who just passed their AFP at that 90 day period gets a raise and a promotion.  Their mentors also receive a bonus for their work in helping the new employee getting their AFP certification.

Mentoring has rapidly become part of Harlan Food's culture.  We love the feeling of helping our team members succeed.  In fact mentoring is part of our company mission.  We have 3 Mission Pillars:  Integrity, Quality & Customer Service.  'HELP OTHERS SUCCEED' is part of our Integrity Pillar.  We have learned that when we do this, everyone succeeds.

Take a look at a small example of some of our mentoring activities.  This is what we do to help each other succeed, remain safe and have fun at work every single day.

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