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Harlan Foods April Professional Spotlight | 
Thawng Cung

This month we focus our professional spotlight on a team member who has risen through the ranks from a refugee from Myanmar who spoke no English and knew no one in a foreign city.

Within a few years, he had mastered English and was quickly rising up as a Harlan Certified Food Professional. 

Today, he is a well respected Team Lead who helps Harlan deliver on its promise to feed 2 in 10 Americans with safe, nutritious and delicious food every week.
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Just follow the 'Got Talent' signs  to the Harlan main entrance located at 7623 East US 36, Avon Indiana and also at 
404 S Kitley Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana

Each month Harlan Foods spotlights one of our many Food Manufacturing Professionals.  Our team members are very very proud of the work they do and often have a very interesting or inspiring story to tell.  

Many of them have been very successful in building a career and a life they are proud of.  Each of the employees we include in this video series have a desire to share what they have learned with others.  They hope that this will help new employees learn, grow and advance faster.

Harlan Foods is a family run company.  Many of our employees have been with us for over a decade and some for over 30 years, since our very beginning.  Our goal is to build successful and happy,  lifetime employees by offering performance based pay and a wide range of growth opportunities.

Our Signature Promise

Delicious. Delivered.

Fresh, quality ingredients are important to delivering a product with high nutritional value. However, for Harlan,
that is only the start. Delivering a desirable and delicious product also takes creativity, attention to detail and a mastery of the baking process. Paying attention to every detail ensures that every bite is right in the products
we make and deliver.
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Harlan Foods

Monthly One Minute Message

Focusing on delivering the skills and tools our professionals need to succeed

How learning English can jump start your career growth

Learning English in a Food Manufacturing Plant is easier than you think and can have a positive impact on your opportunities for advancement and pay increase. In this OMM, we touch on some simple tools and tips to help you learn the language.

The importance of building trust with your peers

Building trust is a process.  In this OMM video, we focus on why trust is important to team work and success.  Our Director of HR provides some 'pro-tips'.  These tips are small things you can do each day that can have big results to your job satisfaction, career growth and pay.

What is Regulatory Compliance and why it is important to what we do

Compliance is part of everything we do at Harlan Foods. You may not see it, but it is there and helps to ensure that every product we make is safe, nutritious and delicious. What role does each of our team have in keeping Harlan compliant?  Take a look an find out!

Harlan's Mission-Based Priorities

Harlan Foods' Mission Pillars are the 'rules' we use to work within each day.  They are INTEGRITY-doing the right thing and treating others the right way, QUALITY-Manufacturing quality food and building trust and quality relationships with our peers and CUSTOMER SERVICE-serving those who rely on what we do with professionalism, passion and pride.

Career Growth

A competitive benefits package and a free employee healthcare clinic for our Food Professionals and family members is just the start. At Harlan, our training prepares you to become a certified professional with a variety of growth opportunities to pursue through a variety of career paths
"I started my career  not all that long  ago as an entry  level  production employee. What i found  at  Harlan  is that excellence is  rewarded but you have  a willing to invest  in yourself through . I did and have moved up quickly."

-Felix S, Supervisor
Click here to see more about Felix's journey at Harlan

Diverse Job Options

Whether your career is just getting started, or you’re looking to get to the next level, Harlan offers a variety of interesting and exciting career advancement opportunities. Harlan is committed to working with applicants and new team members to job-match them to the right opportunity within Harlan..
"Our Work Simulation is an important part  of how  we successfully  job match  and why our new employee quickly grow into talented Food Manufacturing Professionals"

-Rebecca E., HR  Director
Learn more about our Workplace Simulation and Job Matching

Great Culture

Harlan is a family-owned company that believes in a healthy, caring and collaborative environment for all employees. Our employees are called Food Professionals for a reason. In 2020, Harlan launched a new training and certification program for our Food Professionals in order to help them grow and advance in their careers.
"Our Culture" is based on trust and matual  respect  of our  fellow  Food  Manufacturing  Professionals. Every Day  we work  on improving  our culture.  It's that important to us

-James  B,  Plant Director
Learn more about Harlan's 2023 Culture and Mission Priorities

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Harlan Foods Career Facts
If you are interested in seeing what life is like here at Harlan, check out one of our recent video magazine highlights!
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Production Associate

The Production Associate is a valuable member of the production team focused on safely and consistently producing the highest quality product possible for customers.


Maintenance Technician

The Maintenance Technician is responsible for ensuring equipment reliability by repairing and maintaining a wide range of processing equipment across the plant.


Frozen Warehouse Forklift Operator

The Frozen Warehouse Forklift Operator is responsible for the removal of product lines while ensuring proper rotation is always maintained.


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Work isn't really 'work' if it is fun and rewarding

Work isn't really work when it is fun and financially rewarding.  Our team is proud to be able to produce the food products that feed 1 in 10 Americans every week but they are also proud of the success they achieve at Harlan.  Harlan Food's S.A.F.E. program (Standards Based, Accountability Driven, Food Excellence) gives team members lots of opportunities to make more money.  And, S.A.F.E. is the only program of its type in the Food Manufacturing industry!

Our S.A.F.E. program is designed to help our employees grow professionally and increase the value of what's in their bank account!   Employees can receive pay increases and bonuses for participation in our Mentorship program, Safety Performance program, as well as achieving the  professional certifications Harlan provides for free to all employees.

This is why you see so many of our team of food manufacturing team smiling, having fun and growing professionally at Harlan!

If having more money for the holidays is something that interests you, then maybe its time for a change.  Join Harlan!

our signature promise

Our mission is to produce quality bakery products cost effectively in a  safe, clean and friendly  environment where our employees can grow personally and professionally. The integrity of our company is based on the principles of delivering the highest quality products to our retail customers, providing continuous training and professional certifications to our team of Food Manufacturing Professionals and maintaining our commitment to product innovation and growth.

Our Philosophy

Helping our Food Professionals grow and prosper is a top priority.
Feeding North America is a team effort.
Delivering safe, quality food requires inspiration and commitment.
Our food quality is driven by the quality and commitment of our team.
Mission-based work is a job with greater purpose, potential...and pay!  

Our team also knows at Harlan, they have a wide variety of opportunities for personal and professional growth.    We also feed 1 in 10 Americans each week, which is something to be very proud if!

Pay, fun and purpose is why nearly 20% of our workforce has been with us 10 years or more.

click here to Learn more about our mission and signature promise

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Each month, Harlan Foods publishes a One Minute Message (OMM).  This is a short video designed to help Food Manufacturing...
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Harlan is a world class food manufacturer with facilities across the United States and Canada.  

We are a leader in the manufacture of specialty and artisan baked goods, as well as other numerous innovative food products.  

Our goal is to consistently deliver to the retailers we serve a consistent supply of safe, quality food.

Corporate Office
7597 E US Highway 36
Avon, IN USA 46123
Harlan is a world class food manufacturer with facilities across the United States and Canada.

We are a leader in the manufacture of specialty and artisan baked goods, as well as other numerous innovative food products.

Our goal is to consistently deliver to the retailers we serve a consistent supply of safe, quality food.
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