Hope is a word every employer...and employee should know.

Hope.  According to the dictionary, the word 'hope' has three meanings.

  1. A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.
  2. A feeling of trust.
  3. To want something to happen or be the case.

What does the word 'hope' have to do with jobs?  Simple!  For team members to find satisfaction in their tasks and roles, they should have hope that they will have opportunities to grow, explore and try new things.  In other words, employees want to be challenged, find success, feel rewarded by seeing what they do come to life in some way.

Employees should hope that their employers and team members care about their well-being, desire to grow and to perform.  Employers should care about clearly communicating the mission and purpose of what's being done and even the why behind what is being done!

As an employee, understanding this and then having the opportunity to choose how you as a participant can add value to the cause, mission and even improve yourself along the way seems pretty important.  Having that gives hope that what you do has meaning beyond the paycheck.

You can get a paycheck anywhere.

So, ask yourself.  What do you hope for in your work life?

As you think about this, here are a few things about Harlan that might align with what you are hoping for in your work life.

Each day, we feed one in 10 Americans. 

If we were to shut down all of our food production, a number of grocery store shelves and freezer cases across the country would quickly go empty.  Restaurant patrons would be disappointed to learn that many of their favorite items were not available.  Providing families and communities with safe, nutritious, delicious and affordable food is important.  This is our mission and our promise every day.


Our team members are professionals in the truest sense of the word.

We invest in training team members, just like every other employer.  However, we go a step further.  We provide all of our employees with a comprehensive continuing education program as part of our SAFE initiative.  SAFE stands for Standards Based, Accountability Driven, Food Excellence.  Under SAFE, each employee can achieve either an AFP or CFP certification.  These industry leading certifications mean Harlan team members are the best of the best in food manufacturing.  We take great pride in doing things well.

We motivate, coach and inspire.

Studies have shown that companies which provide mentorship programs produce happier, more productive team members who advance faster.  As part of SAFE, Harlan has rolled out a comprehensive Mentorship program to assist our Apprentice Food Professionals (new employees) grow and thrive during their first 100 days.  This program not only benefits our Apprentice Food Professionals but also the Mentors who get a great deal of satisfaction and even performance compensation for ensuring the success of the Apprentices they work with.  It is our way of providing certainty that new employees are successful in their roles.

Finding what you love.

As part of SAFE, Harlan has developed workplace simulations which allow prospective employees to explore and understand all of the various departments, teams and tasks found within Harlan.

This gives the job-seeker the opportunity to find what they are interested in or tasks which align with their personal skills.  The job simulation also provides individuals who might not find food manufacturing for them an opportunity to quickly understand this and adjust their job search.  Harlan wants to ensure that every new Apprentice says "I love this" instead of 'This isn't what I expected."

So, what do you hope for in your work life?  A better job?  A promotion?  More pay?  Better benefits?  Sure.  All of those things are important.  You should work to make sure these things are available to you.

However, maybe there is something else.  Having a real purpose in what you do.

Does feeding families across North America every day give your inspiration?  Does achieving professional accreditation which tells others you are at the top of your profession?  How about being mentored by other professionals or perhaps having others look up to you for help and inspiration as a mentor?

How about finding a work environment and role that aligns with your personal sense of purpose?

This is what our team at Harlan can offer.  If you like the sound of it, reach out and say hello.  We'd love to meet you.

On the home page you will find a link to our open positions, or drop us a message in our contact form.  We'll get in touch with you quickly and work to find you a role you can be passionate about as a Harlan Food Manufacturing Professional.

Let's get started!

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