Reason number 3 to join Harlan

There are a lot of good reasons to come to work here at Harlan.  Free healthcare for one.  But free Smart TV's?   Ok wait.  Let's back up and cover reason number 3.

Reason Number 3: Harlan invests in the well-being and happiness of our Food Manufacturing Professionals.

There are lots of reasons to consider taking a new job.  Here at Harlan, not only will we work to outline the 25 reasons to become a Harlan Food Professional, we will also provide you with tips and tricks to help you land a better job, no matter where that is.

Free Health Care

That's right.  Free health care for you.  Harlan has partnered with Proactive MD to deliver an end-to-end healthcare clinic to address virtually every health need you have from prescriptions to check ups to testing just for our employees!  And...

It's free.

We've put together this video of what our Proactive MD clinic provides for our Food Manufacturing Professionals.  Click here to check it out.

As a Harlan Food Manufacturing Professional, free healthcare is one of the many benefits you get working for a food manufacturer that delivers safe, nutritious and delicious food to 1 in 10 Americans.

Free Health Care is amazing but what's that about free TV's?

Open Enrollment Prize Winner

One of our Food Manufacturing Professionals shows off the new Smart TV he won from Harlan

During our Harlan's recent open enrollment, Harlan raffled off a big screen smart TV.  Win a free TV by signing up for free health care?  Yep, that is how Harlan rolls.

The winner of that TV was our Bake Line 3, Avon, Indiana Senior Team Leader employee, Felix Sanchez Aguiar. Felix has been with the company for nearly 8 years, and he is responsible for oversight of all the 2nd shift BL3 line employees. Felix has successfully moved up the ranks of management during his career at Harlan.


Careers at Harlan are rewarding.  In multiple ways!  Get started on your upward journey today by clicking here.



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