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Harlan team members are passionate about their mission and purpose.  Regardless of their role, each Harlan Food Professional is critical to ensuring that Harlan delivers on its promise to feed America.  Today, one in ten Americans rely on Harlan Foods for safe, nutritious and delicious food.

See what a member of our Sanitation team members have to say about the role they play in helping to deliver on this promise.


Tammi is a former Emergency Room nurse who recently re-located from Florida.  She finds an overlap in her role here at Harlan and her hospital work.  See what Tammy has to say about her role at Harlan by clicking here.

Harlan Foods team is made up of a wide variety of skills supporting an equally wide variety of departments and roles.  Harlan's Food Professionals represent an equally wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.  Vietnam, Burma, Afghanistan, Mexico, Canada, India, China among others are all nationalities which make up our family.

We find our strength in our diversity and also our common bond in the passion we have for making safe, quality food for our friends and neighbors.  Many of our team have found their forever home.

One of our forklift drivers, Austin has found his forever home at Harlan

Over 20% of our team has been with Harlan over a decade and numerous team members have been with Harlan since its inception.

Several of Harlan's team have been with the company since day one-over 30 years.


If this resonates with you and you want want to join Sammy, Tammi and the rest of the Harlan team in a career as a certified Harlan Food Professional, click on this link to get started.  We look forward to having you as part of our growing family.



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Harlan is a world class food manufacturer with facilities across the United States and Canada.  

We are a leader in the manufacture of specialty and artisan baked goods, as well as other numerous innovative food products.  

Our goal is to consistently deliver to the retailers we serve a consistent supply of safe, quality food.