Why a Signature Career at Harlan might be for you.

Food is life and the Food Professionals at Harlan help to feed 1 in 10 people in America.  Having a valuable mission and purpose in your life can be as important as a good paycheck. Actually, wouldn't both be nice?

Think about it.  When you go out with your family or friends to a popular restaurant and when the delicious breadsticks are delivered to your table, how would you feel when you say to those sitting around the table, "Hey, I made that".  How about when you go through the drive thru and in the bag you open are products you have made or as you walk through the isle in the grocery store, you see products that you helped make be put into shopping carts.

Being proud of what you do really comes to life with these examples, doesn't it?

Food Manufacturing isn't for everyone.  We are looking for people committed to more than just showing up for a job.  We are looking for professionals that want more out of life and seek real upward mobility.

We'd like to share our company Newsletter, 'The Dish' with you so you get a feel of what we are about.  We are a family owned company that has been in business for 30 years.  Our jobs are not seasonal and we want to work along side other professionals that are seeking stability and are willing to invest in themselves in order to move up into more pay, more responsibility and authority in their roles.

Take a look at the latest issue of The Dish.  If you like what you see, set up an interview here or simply visit us in Avon, Indiana during the week to participate in our open interviews.

Either way, we would love to meet you!


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Let's get started!

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Harlan is a world class food manufacturer with facilities across the United States and Canada.  

We are a leader in the manufacture of specialty and artisan baked goods, as well as other numerous innovative food products.  

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